Bond Market

The activity of financial investor emerges from the article 2 of the decree-law 2011-85 creating the CDC, it is about the investments in the Treasury bills as well as any other investment in the securities and in general on the financial markets. The Caisse de Dépôts et Consignations portfolio consists of treasury bills, public and private bonds, and equity investments in sectors with a return on investment higher than public interest investments.
The first objective assigned to the management of its securities portfolios is to achieve a sustainable result each year, which enables it, on the one hand, to consolidate its financial strength and strengthen its own funds and, on the other hand, to ensure public-interest investments and broaden its scope of intervention.
Conscious of its mission, since its creation, the CDC has started the participation of dynamic bond market which in turn contributes to the restructuring of the financial sector and the cleaning up of the banking sector which has suffered a lot for several years, and this to through the refinancing of the banking system via the subscription to bonds issued on the market by local banks as well as leasing companies and financially sound companies.
In figures, the share of CDC subscriptions on the bond market reached 13% at the end of 2015 excluding government bonds. Subscriptions are distributed to 65.5% for banks and 33.5% for leasing companies.
In order to play its role in boosting the bond and financial market in general and aware of the challenge of the secondary market for Treasury Bills, the CDC is currently studying its intervention in this market. most effective way.