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CDC invests 5 million dinars in FCPR SWING 2

The “Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations” (CDC) has signed a subscription of 5 million dinars to the FCPR SWING 2 managed by Capsa Capital Partners (CCP) to increase it to 25 million dinars.
SWING 2 is a venture capital mutual fund governed by the Code of Collective Investment Schemes, managed by Capsa Capital Partners. The fund will primarily target companies in regional development zones (RDZs), fully exporting companies, innovation and new project developers. It will be managed by the CDC. Besides the CDC, the fund is subscribed, to date by institutional subscribers of reference such as UBCI, BNA, STAR, CARTE VIE and CAP Bank.
Since its creation in 2012 and before the creation of SWING 2, Capsa Capital Partners, a subsidiary of the investment bank CAP Bank, has been managing two investment funds subscribed by the CDC for 20%. The overall size of these funds is 55 million dinars.


These funds have financed about twenty companies for an amount of 53 million dinars, achieving a leverage of 6.28 in terms of investment in SMEs and generating and /or maintaining more than 1,900 jobs including more than 1,500 in the ZDR.
Capsa Capital Partners, is an asset management company licensed by the CMF that manages private equity funds on behalf of institutional investors. Founded by a team of investment bankers, CCP is dedicated to investing in non-listed companies and managing assets on behalf of third parties.
Capsa Capital Partners is a private equity firm that manages private equity funds for institutional investors. Its mission is to provide the financing and strategic resources necessary for company managers to support them in the implementation of their development and/or transmission projects.