Press Releases

ENLIEN project follow-up meeting

As part of the monitoring of the ENLIEN project, a delegation from the French Development Agency (Paris headquarters) conducted a mid-term evaluation mission of the said project, during the week of February 10 to 14, 2020 with the various parties project stakeholders.
This afternoon, Dr Boutheina Ben Yaghlane, General Director and Mrs Nejia Gharbi, Deputy General Director of the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations (CDC) welcomed the AFD team led by Mr Gilles Chausse, director AFD Tunisia, and Mrs Marie Dubuffet, Country Manager Tunisia at AFD Paris at the headquarters of the CDC.

The meeting focused on the assessment of what has been achieved, the action plan for the coming period as well as the prospects for this initiative.
The ENLIEN project is a first concretization of the second pillar of the JET initiative. Thus, following the signing of the grant agreement for an amount of € 5 million between the CDC and AFD, on October 22, 2018. ENLIEN was set up to strengthen the expertise of public and private initiatives in matters to support entrepreneurship, thus aspiring to contribute to the creation of viable jobs for young people in the regions and to the revitalization of the Tunisian entrepreneurial ecosystem.